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Hot water not hot? Too hot? Running out?

Getting your home hot water system to be running just right can be hard sometimes. In a perfect world, as soon as you turn on the tap, hot water rushes out at the perfect temperature.

However sometimes you may run into problems such as the water is only warm, the hot water takes a long time to heat up, or the hot water doesn’t last very long and runs out before going cold.

Hot water that is inconsistent can be really annoying. Getting in the shower after a long day at work, only to have the shower head dribbling out lukewarm water can put anyone in a bad mood. Whilst these issues are annoying, they don’t have to be permanent, and most issues can be fixed quite quickly and easily but a professional Perth plumber.

When the water is too hot

Storage-type hot water systems are required to maintain water temperature above 60 degrees Celsius to prevent the growth of bacteria such as Legionella, which can be dangerous to your health.  However, if this super hot water makes it to your taps at this temperature, you are faced with a further risk of burns, especially to children, elderly people, or simply people who are unaware of the issue.

So how do you fix such a problem? A plumber can install a device between the hot water storage and your taps, called a tempering valve. This valve mixes a portion of cold water int the hot water before being delivered to your house taps so that water is, and maintained to approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

When the hot water is not hot

Getting lukewarm or cold water from your “Hot” tap can be really frustrating! Changes in hot water temperature can be caused by a variety of things – thermostat issues, heating element issues, or gas supply or burner faults. Your Perth plumber will be required to inspect your system and identify which fault is causing your hot water going cold. In most cases the problem is resolved quickly and easily and lukewarm showers will be a thing of the past!

Hot water runs out too fast

If you’re the last person to have a shower in your household, this can be especially frustrating. In this case, something to first consider is of any recent changes to your hot water usage. A lot of small changes to your hot water use during the day can have a big impact on how much is left in the hot water storage later when you want it. For example, changes to your dishwasher’s hot water cycle, or using a hot water wash too many times on your washing machine can mean the hot water running out later. Perhaps your household has outgrown the size of your hot water system? Teenagers and young adults tend to use the bathroom and showers longer than younger children. Upgrading your hot water system size may be necessary to overcome your hot water storage issues.

If not any of the things above, you may find the culprit to be one of the following:

  • Build up of sediment in the hot water storage tank, which will effect how well the water is heated
  • Faulty parts of the hot water system, i.e. damage to the heating element, or blockages
  • Solar system backup system not working effectively during winter due to faults

If you’re sick of not having enough hot water, or any at all, in your Perth household, don’t hesitate to call Whincup Plumbing to check your system for faults and fix the issues at a reasonable price.