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Weird noises in your pipes?

Splashing noises are normal noises you can hear in the bathroom in the mornings, but how about when those noises occur in the pipes over-head or in the kitchen drains?

When you hear weird noises coming from your pipes, it usually means trouble. The best scenario is that you may have water pressure issues or the beginning of a blocked pipe. Worst case scenario – you may want to call septic experts for that one! Problems with plumbing are no longer just a problem for Perth’s old houses, so don’t pretend those noises will just go away on their own.

Noises in your pipes

Groans and squeals that come from the pipes in your house are usually signs of pipes struggling under pressure. When water moves from large pipes through to smaller pipes, pressure is created and when the pressure becomes too high, its common to hear the pipes squealing. In these instances, you should call a plumber straight away, and show them where your pressure valve is (if you have one). If the problem is not fixed professionally, you risk the build up of pressure and bursting pipes.

Water hammer

When you turn off the water, you might hear the pipes bang loudly, and/or rattle. This usually means the water pressure inside the pipes is too high. Furthermore, if the banging happens when the water is still running, it could also be a pressure or it could also mean some pipes are coming loose and will need to be fastened.

Water hammering should not be ignored or you could eventually end up with a burst pipe and serious leaks. When you call a plumber to have a look at the cause, they may need to install a pressure regulating valve on your mains pipe, and possibly an anti-hammer valve in the tap itself. The issue turns out to be loose pipes, the plumber can simply fasten the pipes in the area of the problem to stop them moving around.

Gurgling drains or toilets

Slow and gurgling toilets can make any seasoned plumber a little worried. It could either be a simple fix in the cistern, or it could be something even worse. If the toilet still runs even though it is gurgling, a plumber may simply need to replace some parts that have worn.

If the toilet gurgles and doesn’t run or drain properly, it means that the sewer pipes could be blocked. These pipes may then need to be replaced (not the cleanest jobs!). It’s also common to have these types of blockages in sinks and drains, so it’s important to call a plumber in to have a closer look. The problem may be caused by objects or debris getting stuck in the pipes, which will need the pipes to be taken apart. It could also be as a result of bad plumbing which can mean even more work.

If you do hear any unusual noises from your plumbing or pipes, don’t wait! Call Perth and Mandurah’s most reliable plumbers at Whincup Plumbing right away. Don’t forget that all plumbing jobs in Perth need to be done by someone with a plumbing license, however it helps to know roughly where the noise is coming from so you show our plumbers where to look. Call us anytime and we will be glad to help you get rid of those worrying plumbing noises!

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